DCASA, formed in 2007, is the largest Debt Counselling body in South Africa.

The main aims of DCASA include the continuous improvement of the Debt Review process, education of its Members and to guard Consumer and Credit Provider rights embedded in the NCA.

Through constructive engagement will all industry players, from the implementation of the NCA, DCASA played a significant and meaningful role in the operationalization of Debt Review.

Members are educated via Newsletter, Process Guidelines, Quarterly meeting, Annual Conference and Webinars. ConsumersĀ receive regular Consumer Newsletters.

DCASA has been a founding member of the NCR Task Team and continue to be significant role-player the Credit Industry Forum

Debt Counselling Association of South Africa

Office: 0861 4DCASA (32272)

Web: www.dcasa.co.za

Email: dcasa@dcasa.co.za