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Slipstream Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a technology company that was founded on the need to provide niche case-management software solutions to the debt review industry in South Africa.

Slipstream provides specialised and customisable CRM/ERP software solutions for the debt relief management processes.

Our expert team of IT specialists provide product support, maintenance and development enhancements to continuously optimise our client’s experience and improve operational efficiencies.

Debt Review is a complex process involving the exchange of high volumes of documentation and data between Credit Providers, Debt Counsellors, Payment Distribution Agents (PDA’s) and Consumers. This, combined with the legislative requirements of the National Credit Act, makes managing the Debt Review process extremely admin intensive and complex.

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Technology Adoption Award

The Debt Review Awards is proud to work along with Slipstream to present the Technology Adoption Award:

The Awards factors in use by the Debt Counselling practice as well as the clients of the practice who are making use of DReX.

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Winner for 2022:


The Winner for 2021:

National Debt Erasers


The Winner of the Award for 2020:

Debt Rescue


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