DC Partner PDA


DC Partner is a trustworthy and registered payment distribution agency. Our service to our customers is exceptional, and we provide our services to all debt counsellors of all sizes according to their business needs. We have been distributing debt review funds for over 10 years. Our processes are streamlined and aligned to provide fast turnaround on enquiries.

We give support and provide a customer relations officer individually dedicated to each debt counsellor.

Solid relationships with our debt counsellors, credit providers and industry stakeholders are imperative to us, and we are committed to the growth of the debt review market and each debt counsellor.

One of the key differentiators which sets DC Partner apart from our competitors is the level of pride displayed in the work of every individual in the company, as well as in making a difference in the lives of over-indebted consumers in South Africa by relieving the burden of managing and paying their debt obligations to credit providers.


DC Partner won

the Debt Review Awards in 2021, and again in 2022 for:

best payment distribution as voted by debt counsellors


For secure and on-time collections, distributions, and transparency on all transactions through real-time reports, debt counsellors can depend on DC Partner.

www.dcpartner.co.za | 044-8734530 | pda@dcpartner.co.za


Finwise is the software system integrated with the PDA.  In this fast-changing industry, we are the PDA that continues to invest and develop our system as well as focusing on the growth and development of our staff to stay up to date with current demands and tools needed by the debt review market. Finwise training agents do regular visits to our debt counsellors at their premises to assist with any training needs and enquiries.

  1. Finwise is fully integrated with the iDOCS system and Legasys legal suite, and there is no monthly cost to use Finwise.
  2. The Task Manager tool is time-saving and unique, following the debt review timelines for tasks due.
  3. The consumer portal makes it easy for consumers to retrieve consumer statements.
  4. The Dashboard within Finwise was built for compliance, making it easy to see what needs to be actioned.
  5. Finwise is web-based, which means full availability and flexibility whether used from a mobile device, PC, or tablet.
  6. Finwise caters for of an efficient workflow, elevates timesaving and simplifies management through multiple consumer data reporting.

Finwise is a one-stop, comprehensive, Debt Management System for use by Debt Counsellors and Legal Professionals, and it is designed for optimal Debt Data Management.

www.web.finwise.biz | 044-8734530 |info@finwise.biz