The Debt Review Awards Show

Debt Review Awards Gala

Each year a modest red carpet gala event is held in a major South African City. Nominees and people from across the industry are invited to attend along with representatives of various Government Agencies (Such as the National Credit Regulator, DTI and National Consumer Tribunal), Payment Distribution Agencies, Attorneys, Magistrates, Creditor and Debt Counsellor associations as well as individual credit providers companies and debt counsellors. In 2020 the event was held online (Live streamed via Youtube)

We are also very happy to often have interviews with some consumers who have successfully been through the debt review process and who receive their clearance certificates to say they are now debt free.


The 2020 Gala event was held online on September 11th.


DRA 2020 Logo

What Is the Gala Like?


The 2020 Live Stream

Slides68 u R watching DRA2020 online show

(check back here for clips from the live event in 2020)

Some guests took the time to get really dressed up even though they would be streaming from the office or home.

Corrie smart casual


2019 -KZN

The 2019 Gala event was held in Mount Edgecombe in Durban, KZN on the 20th of July.

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A BankAwards waiting for new homes Rob V Vuuren Our Host



Our 2017 Sponsors & Event Contributors

Our Sponsors & generous event Contributors both help make the process possible and help cover the associated costs.  We are also happy to have consumers receive their clearance certificates on the night from National Debt Advisors. Standard Bank kindly contributed R2500 each to these consumers to help them start their debt free life.

 Debt Review Awards 2017 Gala Photos


Debt Review Awards 2016 Gala Photos


Debt Review Awards 2015 Gala Photos

Here are some photos from the Awards gala held in Gauteng in 2015.

Debt Review Awards 2014 Gala Photos

Here are some images from the 2014 Debt Review Awards Gala which was held in Cape Town CBD opposite the “old Slave Tree” at 6 Spin Street, a building with great financial significance. The red carpet awaited representatives from all over the country: