Top 50 Debt Counsellors 2019

Top 50 Debt Counsellors 2019

Congratulations to the Top 50 Debt Counsellors who have been announced for 2019. These firms have been recognised by their credit provider peers for excellent service, fast turn around times, effective handling of queries and work ethic. Out of over 1600 NCR registered individuals these Debt Counsellors and firms have been singled out by their industry peers.

On the night of the Annual Debt Review Awards Gala the Top 5 in each category and the top rated individuals or firms will be announced.

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Top 10 Boutique Debt Counsellors


Alan Manshon – The Money Clinic (NCRDC256)

Aletta Strydom – Debt Assist (NCRDC2240)

Arno Oscar Lubbe – Finance Debt Clear (NCRDC3034)

Evanthia  Liebenberg – Thusega Debt Counsellors (NCRDC381)

Heidi Knor – Consolidebt (NCRDC209)

Johan Wepener – Johan Wepener Debt Counsellors (NCRDC114)

Petra Swanepoel – Streamline Debt Counselling (NCRDC1963)

Romie Govender – Finesse Debt Counsellors (NCRDC1262)

Susan Pretorius – Debt Solutions (NCRDC102)

Tielman Flischman – Flischman Debt Counsellors (NCRDC633)


Top 10 Small Debt Counselling Practice


Andre Carelse – AC Debt Counsellors (NCRDC1461)

Annatjie Neethling Ulwembu Debt Counsellors (NCRDC149)

Ashley Carstens -Debt Eezy (NCRDC858)

Bruce Leslie Borez – Debt Budget (NCRDC1643)

Dawn Rees – Free Me Debt Counsellors (NCRDC758)

Lee-Ann Sansom – Sansom Debt Counselling (NCRDC732)

Lodewyk Hattingh – Key 2 Debt Freedom (NCRDC1978)

Su-Ria Grobler – Fidelity Debt Counselling (NCRDC2230)

Tanja Davel – Tanja Davel Attorney (NCRDC285)

Wikus Olivier – CreditSmart (NCRDC3143)


Top 10 Medium Debt Counselling Practices


Annerie  Marais – DRS Queenstown (NCRDC1347)

Bernidene Thieroff – CS Debt Counselling (NCRDC764)

Corrie Gouws – Mabcor Financial Services (NCRDC118)

Derryn Fish – Algoa Debt Care (NCRDC1353)

Eugene Cilliers – Pay Plan Solutions (NCRDC1636)

Judy Knoetze – Credit Matters Klerksdorp (NCRDC892)

Marius Coetzee – DRS West Coast (NCRDC1670)

Nicola van der Merwe – Administration Services (NCRDC197)

Russell Dickerson – RD Debt Counselling (NCRDC638)

Tania Dekker – Debt Free with Armani (NCRDC1015)


Top 10 Large Debt Counselling Firms


Consumer Debt Help  (NCRDC 1801) Gary Light

Consumer Wise (NCRDC553) Lorenco Lewis

Credit Matters (NCRDC19, NCRDC20, NCRDC533) Roger Brown

Cybermobile (NCRDC3022) Hans Overbeek

DCGSA (NCRDC1560) Casper Francois le Grange

Debt Fresh (NCRDC1641) Anton Meiring

Debt Guidance (NCRDC3152) Corolina Guevara Harris

Debt Therapy (NCRDC49) Reinhard Pettenburger

Doctor Debt (NCRDC2224) Corinne Bell-Lewis (Shelly Beach)

Help-U Debt Counsellors (NCRDC2076) Geraldine Parkin


Top 10 National Debt Counselling Firms


Debt Busters

Debt Care

Debt Rescue

National Debt Advisors

NDC – National Debt Counsellors


Pioneer Debt Solutions

Randwise DMG

The Debt Experts (DC Experts)

Zero Debt