The Debt Review Awards Process

 The Debt Review Awards recognizes excellence in the debt review industry by all role players and individuals. The Debt Review Awards are organised by debt review industry magazine Debtfree. For more info on debt review and your daily dose of debt review and financial information and news visit

The Process

The Debt Review Awards process in 2024 will once again conducted by means of an online peer review system. Industry participants can log in and capture information in regard to various industry role players. This enables the entire industry to voice their observations in regard to which firms are performing well and identify the top firms in each category. Organisers Debtfree, in consultation with various industry bodies, companies and associations, have worked on a core set of crucial values which PDA’s, Credit Providers and Debt Counsellors need to excel at, to provide their clients with the best possible debt review service.


Regular updates are published in issues of Debtfree Magazine and here on this site eg. the Top 55 DC candidates prior to the event. On the night of the Debt Review Awards Gala, the Top 5 DC firms, in each Debt Counsellor category, are revealed and the award winners in the various categories announced.


The principal organisers of the Debt Review Awards process are key staff members from  Debtfree Magazine (the Debt Review Industry Magazine). We also receive a lot of help from other willing parties who we wish to thank for their ongoing support and help. No member of the organisers (Debtfree Magazine) participates in the online review process as a participant or candidate.

Auditing Process

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The entire process is audited by Moore SA and managed by 3rd party software.

Terms & Conditions

Read the updated T&Cs Here

Consumers should note that the results of the Peer Review by their nature reflect the views of those working within the industry of their counterparts (not their clients)  and they should take this into consideration when deciding to use the services of any of the participants.


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