Winners 2022

Debt Review Awards 2022 Results

The results of the annual peer review process were announced on the 30th of September 2022. Awards for the highest ratings were handed out in various categories among Payment Distribution Agents, Credit Providers and Debt Counsellors.

Payment Distribution Agents

Highest Rated Payment Distribution Agent | As Rated By Debt Counsellors
DC Partner PDA
Highest Rated Payment Distribution Agent | As Rated By Credit Providers
Hyphen PDA


Most improved Credit Provider Debt Review Deparment |  ABSA Bank
Short Term Finance | FinChoice (a division of Homechoice)
Retail Finance | Consumer Friend (obo various clients)
Large Non-Bank Credit Provider |  Old Mutual Limited
Vehicle Finance | Wesbank (a division of FirstRand Bank Ltd)
Banks – Unsecured | African Bank
Banks – Secured | ABSA Bank Limited
New Award Category:
Highest Rated Credit Provider Debt Review Department | African Bank

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Boutique Debt Counsellors

Top 5 Boutique Debt Counselling Practices Alphabetically:

Angela Marcell Crowder | Refine Debt Solutions
Lee Lombard | Garden Route Debt Counsellors
Olivia Mocke | DebtCrew
Olwen Jacobs | Newlo Debt Counsellors
Petra Swanepoel | Streamline Debt Counselling

The Highest Rated In This Category:

Olwen Jacobs | Newlo Debt Counsellors


Small Debt Counselling Practice

Top 5 Small Debt Counselling Practices Alphabetically:

Anthony Mac Minn | 2nd Chance Debt Counsellors
Jacobus Stephanus de Vos | Complete Debt Counselling
Mark James Fulton | Consumer Relief
Shaun Zeelie | Master Your Money
Thomas Chauke | TP Debt Solutions

The Highest Rated In This Category:

Anthony Mac Minn | 2nd Chance Debt Counsellors


Medium Debt Counsellign Practice

Top 5 Medium Debt Counselling Practices Alphabetically:

Annienne Nel | Consumer Debt Support
Awie Coetzee | SA Debt Help
Cornel Strydom | Debt Review Centre
Gerhard Stoltz | Gerhard Stoltz Debt Counsellors
Tania Dekker | Debt Free with Armani

The Highest Rated In This Category:

Gerhard Stoltz | Gerhard Stoltz Debt Counsellors

Large Debt Counselling Practice

Top 5 Large Debt Counselling Practices Alphabetically:

Credit Matters
Debt Therapy
Vantage Debt Management

The Highest Rated In This Category:

Debt Therapy

National Debt Counselling Practice

Top 5 National Debt Counselling Practices Alphabetically:

DC Experts
Debt Rescue
National Debt Advisors (NDA)
National Debt Counsellors (NDC)

The Highest Rated In This Category:

Congratulations to the Top 5 Debt Counsellors and all the highest rated in their categories. Consumers should always only deal with NCR registered Debt Counsellors. For more information visit the NCR website.