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Capital Data Debt Review

With increasing pressure on consumers, Capital Date has seen exponential growth in recent times, both in consumers seeking their protection, as well as practitioners offering these services.

Due to its nature, this portfolio is often the better-performing and more reliable source of arrears revenues for Credit Providers. However, the typical back office has not been designed to deal with the large, complex and ever-increasing ecosystem of counterparts, especially as new entrant Debt Counsellors are often ill-equipped themselves to manage their businesses efficiently.

Debtors are also constantly moving the goalposts on payments, with a significant population exiting or changing their expected payments each month, requiring a sizable query management and reconciliation effort which can quickly spiral out of control.

In response, Credit Providers are allocating more and more manpower and management oversight to address the imbalance and protect revenues, but this is a response with a limited lifespan.

Efficient Debt Review management requires significant investment in the teams, systems, processes, and most importantly working relationships, to deal with the hundreds of Debt Counsellors, PDAs and courts; the thousands of debtors; and millions upon millions of Rands received in payment every month.

Our Simple, Innovative & Industry Leading Offering

Nutun’s Capital Data offers a professional, modular administration service for all your Debt Review and Administration Order needs, on a fixed fee or commission basis, tailored to your exact business requirements.

Our highly trained and efficient teams have a deep understanding of the Debt Review and Administration Order environment and have well-established industry relationships to make our collections service a success, with the industry recognition and awards to prove it.

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